UCSD Transfer! I really need the Help.

<p>Well I've just started my first year at a CC and I plan to transfer after 2 year. What I need help with is how would I do the whole Tag Process and when would I actually apply to all the UC's again. Within the two years I plan to complete the IGETC requirements along with the class that are listed on Assist.Org. And I've already made a list of when I'll be taking those classes. </p>

<p>Btw. Here a link to the assist.org for UCSD Biology Majors incase and of you need and thank for your help. </p>

<p>ASSIST</a> Report: RCC 10-11 UCSD Articulation Agreement by Major</p>

<p>TAG filing period is Sep 1-30. I highly advise you not to submit it late because that is when all the people try to rush and submit it and overload the servers which will cause technical problems. </p>

<p>After you submit the TAG application, you have to submit the UC Application which is submit-able between Nov 1-30. </p>

<p>In order for you to qualify for UCSD TAG for 2013:
-Overall GPA 3.5 minimum by the End of Fall 2012; for Fall 2013 admission
-Completed at least 30 UC Transferable courses before Fall 2012 in other to qualify for TAG; for Fall 2013 Admission
-Complete the required 2 UC English Courses and 1 UC Math Courses by the end of Fall 2012; for Fall 2013 Admission
-Finish 60 Units and earn your IGETC by the end of Spring 2013; before Fall 2013 Admission</p>

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<p>best thing is to complete your major preps and make sure you have the gpa req
ask your counselor whats best for you and they can help you pick out an alt major as well</p>