UCSD transfer to SDSU

Hey!!! im a freshman at UCSD and wanting to transfer to SDSU for nursing by the end of the quarter (if possible). Been trying to get information on anyone who has transferred from UCSD to SDSU for nursing specifically. requirements (GPA & Credits) ? what I should take here at UCSD that is transferrable to SDSU ? level of difficulty to get into SDSU nursing as transfer ? are all my classs/credits from UCSD transferable ? anything helps thank you!!!

You can transfer but usually it is at a Junior level and you need to complete all requirements prior to the transfer.
The information is listed below:


Depending upon what classes you have taken, UCSD courses should transfer. Here is a link to check course equivalencies:


You cannot do an internal transfer to Nursing at SDSU. You either get admitted directly as a Freshman or as 2 year transfer from another school. You might want to take the pre-req courses at your local community instead of UCSD.