Hey everyone!
Congrats on making the waitlist. I thought I would create this for the people waitlisted so we have somewhere to post if and when our decisions are posted.

Public Health
3.6 GPA
Few missing pre reqss
IGETC complete

When you say you’ve been waitlisted, did they say that you have the “opt-in” thing for waitlisting?

I was waitlisted as well!

Cognitive Science
3.34 GPA
All pre-req completed
IGETC complete.

@userunidentified I believe so, someone just posted a rejection message on the thread if you wanted to compare

yes! I had the same thing and was so confused. It means you are waitlisted, make sure you opt in though. stats?

I just signed up for the waitlist though guys! yay for another few months of stress! will be submitting an SIR to Irvine in the meantime though

OMG, I can’t believe I still have a chance!!!

Major: Political Science
GPA: 3.6
IGETC: Complete
Pre-reqs: Complete

Major: Global Health
GPA: 3.71
Pre-reqs: not complete
UC to UC transfer so now IGETC

hopefully we can all get our acceptances soon!!

@plsletmegraduate hey! I too got into Irvine. I would say to hold off on your SIR because I was reading the transfer forum from last year and some people got off the waitlist mid may. Do you or does anyone know how many people actually get in off the waitlist?

Major: Computer Science
GPA: 3.7
IGETC: Complete
Pre-reqs: Missing 2

global health was my back up to public health, i totally thought id get into at least one of them!

@collegetransfer890 mid may ? @____@ wow, I’m terrified though since so many of us got waitlisted haha

Major: Computer Science, alternate cognitive science. Not sure what they waitlisted me for?
GPA: 3.3 with super strong upward trend, basically all A’s and select B’s my last 60% of CC
Prereqs: Complete for CS, but missing 2 classes for cognitive science

Low key hoping I’d get rejected just so I wouldn’t have to stay in the final multivariable calc that ONLY ucsd requires for computer science

I know!! I am scared too!!

Political Science
CCC transfer

GPA: 3.65
Pre-reqs: done
IGETC: done
EC’s/other: in 2 clubs at school, internship at city hall, volunteer at a women’s shelter, 2 part-time jobs, student mentor at my cc, first generation American, volunteer in campaigns/elections, Phi Theta Kappa honor society, Dean’s list all 3 years of cc, had a medical withdrawal for one semester due to health issues.
PIQ’s: I thought my essays were really good


Major: ECON 2nd: International studies-econ

IGETC: Completed
Pre: Completed
GPA: 3.68

Management Science
CCC Transfer

3.52 GPA


I am new to this haha

So does anyone know the number they waitlist each year or how many get acceptance from waitlist? Do they have that information anywhere?

if you find anything please let me know