UCSD Tuition

Hi !! I am an international student and cannot find the cost of attendance for UCSD. Does anyone have a rough estimate about it?

Undergraduate studies:

Graduate studies:

Also note that UCSD does not offer any financial aid to International students and any merit aid is extremely rare. Plan to pay full fees if you attend.

I was planning to apply Cal but I didn’t because it doesn’t provide financial aid for OOS. I think UC financial aids are only available for the California residents.

CA residents get the benefit of good need-based aid through Cal grants, Blue and Gold scholarships and the Middle class scholarships funded by CA taxpayers. The UC’s offer little merit aid which is highly competitive. OOS/International students should assume they will be full pay unless they do receive some merit aid.

Here is UCSD COA for 2022-23, around $65K for OOS/international students. As stated above, international students will not receive any financial aid form UCSD. Have you already been accepted?