Ucsd/ ucr

I'm an upcoming 3rd year CC student and I finished my Bio series, math series, and almost all of my chem series except o-chem.
Math series that i took is the 10 series for UCSD, and i'm also considering in apply to UCR and they only accept 9 series for my specific major (Biochemistry).
Could UCR reject me because i have the wrong math? Should i just not apply to UCR?</p>

<p>I'm not so sure since you're a college student, but I had a friend who applied and did get accepted as a Bio major at UCR. Now, I'm not overly critical, but her stats are worse than mine. And I forgot to mentioned that this was while we were still in High school.</p>

<p>UCR is very easy to get in, to shorten the story. Also, I'm not criticizing the school or anything, I'm just pointing out the facts.</p>

<p>LOL i agree about UCR. Thanks for the input, but yeah that was high school :/</p>

<p>If you're GPA is above a 3.3ish, I wouldn't apply to UCR. With a GPA of that standing, chances are you'll get into UCSD and would have wasted 60 bucks to UCR (granted you'd get in but once UCSD sends the admit, UCR won't be worth much)</p>

<p>Be sure to TAG for UCSD. The biology related majors are impacted, but you'll have a better chance of getting into them with TAG than without.</p>

<p>Given any thought to Irvine? It might be a better safety than Riverside, though I'm not sure how strong their biochem department is.</p>

<p>I would definitely apply to UCI and I would also apply to UCDavis. These are nice upgrades from UCR and it is the same amount of work on applying, just a little more money. Having said that, UCR is a fine school with a good faculty. Riverside and vicinity is one of the more affordable areas to live in Southern CA and that in of itself is a nice draw for faculty members!</p>

<p>Get a walk in appointment with the guidance counselor at your cc, they can answer your specific questions about each UC campus</p>

<p>I would apply to UCI, UCR, but the math i took at CC isnt for my major at those school it's only to UCSD and UCDavis. IDK where to go from there, I'll just go see a counselor.</p>