UCSD versus UCB

<p>I have been admitted to UCSD, UCB, UCD, UCLA, and UCSB, and i have narrowed it down to UCSD and UCB. I am most likely majoring in biology, either human bio at UCSD or integrative bio at UCB. I plan on applying for med school in the future to hopefully become a pediatrician because I love science, math, leadership, and kids! I love both schools and their endless opportunities and could see myself fitting in at either school. I know UCB is rated the #1 top public university, but how do their bio programs compare to UCSD. I have heard that UCSD might even be more competitive in the bio department because so many people go there for biology. I can't make up my mind between the two schools. Originally I desired to attend UCSD, but now that i have visited UCB, i like it. Plus, they have sports teams, which is a plus. I guess my main questions are how do you think the bio programs compare, which one is more competitive, and do you think there is an advantage in picking UCB over UCSD for both a future in medicine or a different career. I know we must pick the campus that fits us best, but seriously, I could be happy at either one.</p>

<p>oh yeah, i need to decide by May 1st, which is tomorrow, so any fast responses would be GREATLy appreciated</p>

<p>UCSD...Berkeley's pre-med is too cut-throat (according to some students at Berkeley, but those weren't a Gallup poll so take that comment for what it's worth).</p>

<p>Both are great for an undergrad education though.</p>

<p>Pfizer is close by to UCSD's campus (right next door) and I'm pretty sure they offer research internships there.</p>

<p>And UCSD's Bio dept is great.</p>

<p>I agree, CAl is cut-throat. I work at hopital, and our top surgeon went to UCI undergrad. I hope my son, a soph who is interested in bioengineering/ engineering would chose UCSD, but he really wants to go to CAL.</p>

<p>UCI, UCLA, and UCSD all have great bio and pre-med programs.</p>

<p>For neurosciences, UCLA will be excellent because they are getting a new facility as part of the Ronald Reagan Medical Center they are adding. UCLA is all in all a great place for medical school. I recommend diversifying...go to UCSD for undergrad, the UCSF or UCLA or UCI for medicine.</p>