<p>Im not sure where I want to apply to....these three schools are backup plans in case in don't get into UCLA! I want a big urban city feel, but also a beach atmosphere! I want to know if it is easier to get classes I need at a UC rather than a CSU! I like UCSD for the location and the academics, I don't like that it is boring and has no football team! I like SDSU because of the location, the girls, and the sports program...I dont like the big party atmosphere! Which of these colleges give the urban large city, but also a beach feel? What college should I choose?? Is it easier to get classes I need at a UC than a CSU?? By the way I want to major in business or a social sciences, I guess it depends on which school I choose!!</p>

<p>SDSU is not even close to near the beach.</p>

<p>UCSD is not urban. It’s surrounded by million dollar homes.</p>

<p>Depending on your numbers, UCSD may be a match, not a safety.</p>

<p>Csu is big on business. Csulb is in the city, UCSD is very nice and could look good on a resume. The location from which UCSD is located is very nice, calm, not really city like and its literally next to the beach. SDSU is about 15 mins from the beach, is in a nice area and calm as well. As far as classes, I’m not sure but I’m pretty sure that major classes r impacted everywhere. As far as general classes, I heard that UCSD may be impacted but they have a priorety system. I’m not sure if SDSU has it too, it might though. Hope this helps! Good luck.</p>

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<p>what are my chances of getting into sdsu?
I have a 3.5 gpa and a 25 on the act</p>

<p>I am quite amused that none of the sentences in the original post ended with a period. The OP is quite an excited fella. </p>

<p>UCSD is your best option IMO, ask yourself if having a sports culture is really more important than the quality of your education. But I would caution you on putting UCSD as your safety if you are unsure of your acceptance to UCLA.</p>

<p>If you want the beach, the best UC is UC Santa Barbara. It has the most amazing pristine beach ON CAMPUS that I have ever seen. For the Cal States, try Cal Poly SLO for both beach and mountains. The ocean is gorgeous there and it is only about 10-15 min drive. Cal Poly SLO also has a surfboard workshop on campus where you can make your own board. Sure maybe these are not cities big enough for you. But both towns are very nice and they are great schools that you have a real chance at.</p>

<p>Do you guys think i can get into sdsu with a 3.295 gpa i have done band for 2 years soccer 3 years and i did 1 year of tennis im a junior in highschool i havent gotten my sat scores back please reply.</p>

<p>Jleem: u can get it. I’m guessing ur going in as a freshman? It will be quite competitive, but you have a good standing so far.</p>

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<p>Chris: if ur going straight from hs. It’s going to be tuff, but its not impossible, also depends what major ur trying to get into.</p>

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<p>CSULB is close to the beach… You can get to it in under 10 minutes. It is very urban and has over 35,000 students in attendance. The academics are on par with other major institutions and they have one of the best reputations of all the CSU’s. Beyond that, it is a lot less expensive than going to a UC. Also the rent in the surrounding area is about 1/3rd what you would pay to live near UCSD.</p>

<p>You can probably easily walk to beaches from UCSB, UCSD, CSULB, CSUMB, UCSC. UCI would be a pretty long walk to a beach.</p>