UCSD vs Emory for pre med

My daughter got in UCSD as OOS and Emory, she’s considering PreMed or Business/Biotech. Cost is same, help decide. Any pros/cons; stats what % get in med school

Small. Large. East. West. City. City + ocean

What’s right for you ??

Open to all; SD would have nicer weather plus wider industry, but Emory is ranked higher.

I thought matriculation decisions needed to be made by May 1.

Forget about what %age get into medical school. The ways schools report that statistic really renders it unreliable.

Fact is…your daughter can take the courses required for medical school applicants at just about any four year college (arts conservatories excluded). Either of these colleges is will be fine for a pre-med intention.


I’m assuming a WL based on the date

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I’d pick Emory. Why go to a large public when you can go to a great medium size private for the same price?


Good Point. UCSD has good med school but not sure going there as oos increases odds of getting in UC Med school? Besides what if she changes her major from PreMed to Business. I think CA would have better opportunities for business major upon graduation

Many want large - for all sorts of reasons.

Both are great - but it’s likely a more personal experience for sure at Emory.

Both are fine institutions. But which is the better fit.

I’m way out of my area of expertise here, but from what I understand CA public med schools are very hard to get into because there are a surplus of CA residents applying. I’m not sure attending UCSD as an OOS student will help.

If she is unsure of major, you need to look at how easy it is to switch majors at both schools. Is it just a matter of filling out a form, or is there an application process, or is it just impossible because the major is impacted?

There is no priority given to UC students trying to matriculate to the UC medical programs. They wipe the slate clean.

It seems that every other student, at the UC’s, appears to be premed. There are way too many graduates vying for a tiny chance in the small yearly classes.

My daughter’s class had 123(? ~130) students from all over the country. In her undergrad at her UC, she graduated with 1000 pre-med hopefuls (in the College of Sciences). The committees are extremely selective. The programs are expensive. Assume over $300K for the programs. No, there are no scholarships at that level because everyone is perfect. All of her classmates were on loans, loans and more loans. My UCLA specialist just finished paying off his loans after 25 years!

Re: The business programs at the UC’s: These are very specific programs and it depends on what area of business she wants to focus upon and whether or not the field is competitive. In California, it can get uber competitive.
ETA: The UC’s are large, public universities and some classes have huge lecture halls. Some classes are taught by GA’s.

Emory sounds like a good option.

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Thank You. She’s thinking business in general

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No, going to a UC doesn’t increase med school odds; in fact, it can make them worse, because the competition among UC students trying to get into CA med schools is so fierce. The UCSD Med School gives no preference to its own undergrads. And UCSD doesn’t have an undergrad business school the way Emory does, nor does it have as much flexibility to change majors as there would be at Emory. Emory sounds like not only a better value, but also a better fit.

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