<p>Which school? Davis is much closer to home (I'm from San Francisco). The financial aid packages for both schools are about the same although San Diego has more loans. I don't know what I will be majoring in. Before, I was thinking engineering but that would a lot of classes at San Diego (I got into ERC). I might also be interested in Economics. Which school is better in different aspects like socially, academically, or anything else? My main concern about San Diego is the distance from home and San Diego's reputation as a "boring school" although is Davis boring? However, I'm not sure about the distance thing either because I don't know if I would visit home/get homesick.</p>

<p>First off...homesick or distance from home won't matter. If your going to be driving from Davis to SF, that's an an hour+ of driving...so you'll be paying for a car, insurance, gas. Not to mention the hour+ drive back to Davis. Not only that, most of the time you'll be too involved with school/ec or to bogged down with homework to make the trip home. Also, plane tickets from SD to SF are not too bad...no need to have a car, insurance, gas, etc. You could ideally come back to SF a couple times of year. </p>

<p>Socially...Davis is considered more of a traditional "college town". However, SD is a block from the beach and with 30,000 people I don't think it would be hard to find friends.</p>

<p>Academicaly..SD beats Davis handsdown.</p>

<p>Why is it that SD has a reputation of being boring? But if I felt like going home, it would be much easier to go home from Davis than from San Diego..</p>

<p>Who knows? Another thread some guy said it was because a lot of UCSD students are bitter UCB/UCLA rejects who work hard in college to show that they belonged at UCB/UCLA and they feel that by getting good grades and good grad schools they can raise UCSD to the level of UCLA/UCB.</p>

<p>I feel it is a combination of the above and the fact that ALOT of UCSD students that come in are pre-med. The healthcare profession in general is ideal for a certain personality type and this personality type is one that is not zealously social. Do you know your doctor's family, kids, hobbies, social life? Chances are, unless he is a family friend most people know nothing about their doctors. It's strange that a doctor who has sat down with dozens of patients in a day comes out with no knowledge of their patient's personal life. This inability to develop social repoires with people is because through high school, college, graduate school they've been use to tooting their own because frankly tooting their own horn is how they've made it so far. They are somewhat social and mostly introverted because they see dozens of patients a day but fail to develop good social repoire with any of their patients.</p>

<p>So the high number of pre-meds...high number of UCLA/UCB rejects creates an environment in which people study instead of have fun.</p>

<p>How do math and econ majors compare in UCSD and UCD? Are they both better at UCSD? I have no clue where I want to go. Any other input on UCSD vs UCD?</p>

<p>Actually from what I hear, the math department is lacking at UCSD so it's probably not the best place to go for a math major. I'm not sure about UCD or Econ though.</p>