UCSD vs. UCI vs. UCB

<p>Hey guys </p>

<p>I am waiting for my UCB admission, but if i do get in, which of the above colleges would you guys choose. I am planning to enter as a Bio major, and hopefully enter med school after. i am concerned that if i do enter UCSD or UCB, i will get a lower GPA as oppossed to if i enter UCI. Do med schools really look at where you did ur pre-med? </p>

<p>Accepting any input you guys have

<p>Honestly, I'd go to Berkeley over any of those schools. UC Irvine would just be out automatically for me. So if it was UCSD vs UCB, I'd go to Cal. The education is better, there are sports, theres a frat row, I don't see how it can go wrong. the only reason I didn't apply was cause I was like 90% sure I wasn't getting in, and I don't want to deal with the raging hippies in Berkeley and I'd much rather go to UCLA over Cal..</p>

<p>Remember there are people who choose UCSD over Cal and couldn't be happier for making such a decision.
Its all subjective. you should definitely choose the school after taking a long serious look at all your options. Go visit the campuses. Talk to some students and professors.
For the premed route, Berkeley is a lot more difficult in general. The overly competitive nature prevents people from not being stressed during their college years. San Diego, on the other hand, is a lot more calm and relaxed, in terms of the premed competition. In other words, it's not cutthroat. If you truly want to push yourself to the limits, then by all means choose UCB but remember that it might be a hellish experience that might have gone in vain at the end. You should always remember that medical school is the hardest type of school to get into and nothing is for sure.
However, I'm not saying UCSD won't be hard. Because it will be. Being a UCSD premed will definitely be a harsh experience but it just probably wont be as bad as in Cal. If your not entirely confident in your success at Cal and truly have a intense desire to become a doctor, choose UCSD and you'll probably have a slightly better chance.</p>