<p>I applied as a psychology major for both UCI and UCSD. (UCI as a psychology and social behavior major) I chose UCSD for psychology because I was interested in their B.S/M.S degree program and I really liked the campus. However, I have heard some negative things about the social scene at UCSD....I took a tour of UCI today and found that the campus was really beautiful, but it was hard to tell what the social scene was like because it just happened to be finals week. My question is....can someone give me the pros and cons of each school's Psychology program? If you had to chose between the two which would you chose and why?</p>

<p>(I have been accepted to both of the schools) </p>


<p>I know nothing about the psychology programs at either school.
That said, moving on to the social scene. UCSD might not be known for being a party school but I mean come on, downtown SD is a short drive away, mexico is a short drive away, the beach is a walk away. SDSU (party school) is a short drive away. plus if you join a sorority i'm sure you won't have to worry about social stuff. you'll get more than you can handle.</p>

<p>i kinda just gave you the pros i guess. that's just how i see it though. i like it a lot here. i got into uci too but it was too close to home. also, i didn't really like the campus that much and i'm pretty sure it's safe to say that the area is less exciting than SD.</p>

<p>one of my friends went to uci because her parents got her a car. if she would've gone to SD she wouldn't have gotten the car. now she's miserable over there... lesson learned i guess.</p>

<p>the thing is, make sure you visit both campuses (not during finals week) and see where you feel more like at home. i didn't really like uci but who knows, maybe it's the right fit for you. if these are the only two schools you're REALLY considering then you should definetly try to spend some time at each one if you have friends attending.</p>

<p>I got in as a psych major at both those schools as well, and they're both amazing. UCSD does have an extremely highly regarded psychology department, especially it's graduate program- though definitely undergrad as well. UCI doesn't have the same recognition, but they do have a lot of new facilities etc., so I'm sure it's pretty good there too. I really liked the UCI campus when I visited, but the dorms didn't seem that nice and were kind of away from a lot of things it seemed. I personally prefer SD. To me it seemed that UCSD had so much more to offer from their psych program and other areas that interest me, and even though SD might not be considered to be a party school, there's always activities and events to do on campus. I don't think you can go wrong either way when it comes down to the education you'll get, it just depends on where you'll be more comfortable.</p>

<p>Hmm...yea that's what I was thinking as well. I like the location (near the beach) compared to UCI and I really liked the joint BS/MS 5 year psychology program that UCSD has...but I guess I'm going to have to visit both and compare...to each his own right?</p>