UCSD vs. UCLA Phil/Poli Sci Double Major

<p>Sorry for the cliche topic but I visited both of these campuses this past weekend and am still having trouble deciding!</p>

<p>People in general at ucla seem much more materialistic but of course this is a weak generalization. The campus is amazing though.</p>

<p>I love ucsd's laid back vibe and I would love to start surfing. The lack of major sports is also an attraction for me as I'm not really into school spirit or "going to the game". UCSd's campus cannot really compare to uclas though and people at ucla seem much more attractive.</p>

<p>I know both departments are pretty comparable in both philosophy and poli sci, although each have a slightly different focus such as ucsd having a bigger focus on philosophy of science as opposed to uclas focus on philosophy of language. </p>

<p>thanks for the help!!!</p>

<p>Why not make the decision based on the course offerings? No to schools are a like. One philosophy or poly sci program may offer a lot of classes that interest you during their normal school year, and another may not. One may only offer the classes that interest you once a year or every couple of years which might leave you with having to take classes that you don't like.</p>

<p>That's a great idea dude, thanks for the help!</p>