UCSD Webmail (e-mail)'s blocking of "Unsafe Images": Can we change this?!

<p>I'm looking for an option in the settings to make it so that all images always show, instead of having to always click "View Unsafe Images" first. Any way to do this?</p>

<p>I wish i knew the answer to this too</p>

<p>it's impossible. see UCSD uses Squirrel Mail as the webmail thingy, and Squirrel Mail blocks images.</p>

<p>now the thing is it's kinda built in option to protect form spammers,etc. [lolz] and so you can't do anything except click that button....</p>

<p>I'm sure if you forwarded all your mail to say your gmail account [you could create a filter or something you know and then put a label and then archive it or something, so it doesn't show up in your inbox but rather you can keep track of your "UCSD EMAILS" based on that label...</p>

<p>i haven't done it, and i don't know if i will. but just putting it out there. Although gmail does do sort of the same thing, but has to option of "always show the images from this emailer" so yeah..</p>