Ucsd withdrew my offer

i dont see it

Sending in the form is just part of the process. UCSD would need to approve that the course can be taken during summer to meet the requirements and unfortunately it is up to the student to make sure the form is received, reviewed and approved.

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UCSD is a very impacted campus.
When a transfer student is accepted, each is accepted “conditionally” with the acceptance information noting strict GPA and course requirements that must be met prior to matriculating into the university.
The CC-“to UC” counselors are usually very good about reiterating the “conditional” requirements. Some have an exit interview to cover the bases.
The language in the acceptance letter is very succinct about the requirements, such that any “contractual-like” obligations are delineated. Any attorney would have a hard time trying to reorient the conditional letter.

This is why this student needs to contact his admissions counselor at UCSD and find out if he can have his rescinded status reversed.

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I was reinstated and granted admission for Fall 2021! Thank you so much for your help!


Way to GO Triton!

You will do well! Start planning out that graduation. Make sure you meet with your department heads when planning your final coursework.