Ucsd withdrew my offer

So, I am an incoming third-year transfer at UCSD. During my last semester at my Community College, I was waitlisted for a statistics class and on the 6th week or so, I decided to drop it because I wasn’t getting in. I then went on to take a summer class after I got my letter of admission for Fall 2021. I passed the class with an A which gave me 4 units. I sent in my transcripts again as soon as the final grades were posted. The reason UCSD withdrew my admissions offer was because I only had 56.3 transferrable units. But that is without the 4 units I took in the summer after i got accepted. Does anyone know if there is anything I can do? Or if I did something wrong to get my admission withdrawn?

Contact the admissions office at UCSD and ask to speak with an admissions officer. From what you relate, you do have the 60 credits, but you don’t mention what your summer class was, whether it fulfilled the transfer requirements, etc.

Did you notify UCSD that you would not be taking the Stats class for Spring? If so, did you notify them you would taking the class instead during the Summer?

The UC’s expect as a transfer that you will have 60 semester units by Spring prior to matriculation. You did not fulfill this part of the requirement. If you notified them and asked if the Stats class would be taken during the Summer and they agreed, then you should have not been rescinded and need to speak to admissions.

So I am assuming you did not get permission from UCSD to complete the class during the summer? You can submit an appeal and explain the situation.


UCSD is very strict about having transfer requirements completed by Spring. It’s usually posted in the condition of admission.

As @Gumbymom posted, you needed to gain permission, from the Admissions office, to indicate your change of class to Summer.

They process new and transfer students information during the summer, and are super busy, so if you didn’t make them aware that your transcript would be incomplete for Spring, they couldn’t make any adjustments when the transcript came in being short 4 units.

Contact the admissions office and find out if you can submit your Summer transcript ASAP. The only ones who can tell you your admissions status is the Admissions office.

It was a statistics class to fulfill IGETC

Well I sent the summer course transcript the second my final grades were posted.

You still needed to notify UCSD at end of Spring Semester that you would be unable to complete the Stats class and would be short units. You would then need them to allow you to fulfill the 60 unit minimum requirement by taking it during the summer. Email or call admissions and let them know you have completed the class and the transcript has been sent. Hopefully they will be lenient and change your admission status. Best of luck.

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I did send in a form that said I was taking statistics in the summer instead of the spring.

I never got a reply back or anything from my knowledge

Sending in the form is fine but you needed to be proactive and make sure that is was OK so you could keep your acceptance. This is out of the norm, so you needed UCSD to agree to the summer course.


Ah got it, so is it likely i will get my admissions offer back? or no chance

You are dealing with a large bureaucracy. I would call an admissions officer asap. Have proof of your summer credits in case they got lost in the system somehow.


Have you seen this situation happen before? if so, what was the outcome?

Once you were “accepted” to UCSD, you were “their student” on a conditional acceptance. They would have worked with you if you had contacted them when this occurred in the Spring.

UCSD is very strict about transfer requirements; they expect their students to follow the conditional acceptances and they aren’t happy when they don’t receive notice of changes.
Given that this year had huge waitlists, your spot may have been relinquished to a waitlisted student.
Your best bet is to contact your admissions counselor and find out if there is anything that you can do.


UCSD rejected many applicants that had all their requirements completed by Spring so not getting the OK from UCSD to take the summer course counts against you. I would say 50/50 but hopefully UCSD is lenient this year.

FYI: You are the 2nd transfer student this week that has posted their UCSD was withdrawn (different circumstances).


who was the other one?

That poster PM’d me so I am not willing to give out any of their information.

Got it, I understand

I think it is unreasonable to expect a young person to check with a university to see if a required form was received. Is incompetence assumed?

If the student really did send in the form, this is very unfair.

I was going to say, don’t lose your cool when you (or your parents) talk to UCSD admissions. But if this were my kid I would get a lawyer if contacting admissions didn’t work.

PM’ed you

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