UCSD's Best Major

<p>Hi guys, I would like to know what is UCSD's best and hardest major to get into. I heard they have a major where u need at least a 1500 to qualify to apply. Do you guys know what major it is? Thanks.</p>

<p>That would probably be Biomedical Engineering which is ranked #3 by US News. They have several other top 25 programs in science and engineering, such as Civil Engineering (#22), Computer Engineering (#16), Electrical Engineering (#19), and Mechanical Engineering (#21), Biology (#14 grad), Chemistry (#22 grad), Computer Science (#20 grad), Math (#21 grad), and Physics (#16 grad), but they're not as well-known.</p>

<p>Where did you get this information? I can't seem to find a link to Rankings by Major on the USnews.com website, b/c I'm wondering the same thing about the other UC's as well.</p>

<p>These are all the US News rankings.</p>

<p>ucsd is good at polisci and econ too. actually its good at social sciences in general.</p>