UCUES (UC Undergraduate Experience Survey)

<p>UC</a> Undergraduate Experience Survey (UCUES)</p>

<p>Some of the by department information may be interesting.</p>

<p>For example, in spring 2010, 24% of the Berkeley students surveyed were very dissatisfied or dissatisfied with their GPAs, while 45% were somewhat dissatisfied or satisfied, and 31% were satisfied or very satisfied.</p>

<p>Majors with the high percentages in the very dissatisfied or dissatisfied category:
CNR undeclared: 75%
Chemical and biomolecular engineering: 40%
Chicano studies: 40%
Environmental sciences: 40%
Nuclear engineering: 39%
Chemical biology: 38%
MCB cell and developmental: 36%
MCB neurobiology: 36%
Earth and planetary science: 35%</p>

<p>Those with low percentages:
Geography: 0%
Middle Eastern studies: 0%
Religious studies: 0%
Development studies: 5%
German: 5%
Gender and women's studies: 9%
Near Eastern studies: 9%</p>

<p>By divisions:</p>

<p>CoC: 35%
CoE: 29%
CED: 18%
L&S: 23%
L&S arts and humanities: 15%
L&S biological science: 32%
L&S other (chemistry, CS, EEP, legal studies, ORMS, PH, SW): 26%
L&S undeclared: 33%
L&S math and physical science: 28%
L&S social science: 18%
CNR: 27%
HSoB: 15%</p>