UD acceptance?

Anyone apply early action to the University of Dayton and not heard back from them yet? Just a bit worried and wanted to know if anyone else is in the same boat!

My S hasn’t heard yet, either. Trying not to read anything into it…

We hadn’t heard anything from them, not even confirmation of receiving everything for his application. Then he received a voicemail late this afternoon that he has been accepted! The voicemail said he should have received an email already, but he hasn’t. Good luck to all!

My son found the email in his spam folder. Accepted yesterday! It said his packet will be mailed within a week. Check your spam!

I received an e-mail and a letter in the mail last Wednesday.

Thanks for the updates; no spam mail or voicemail but I appreciate the ideas! Really hoping I’ll hear back soon

Son received his packet about a week ago, was accepted and is very excited. The packet did not contain any financial information though, which would have been nice. Website says financial packages/scholarships mailed in January. FYI