UDe vs. UMd vs. Syracuse

<p>My son is trying to decide between UD Honors Program, UMd and Syracuse (dual program of Newhouse Communications and Arts and Science). He also is considering UConn, but the first three are his top choices. He is not sure of a major, although he toys with something in the area of communication. At times, he has said he wants to go south, but the dual program at Syracuse is very enticing. I believe he leans towards Delaware and Syracuse because of size, but he has not ruled out Maryland. He does want to be in a school with good academics, wants school spirit, and is not a big partier.</p>

<p>If anyone could help with pros, cons or any other considerations/advice, it would be appreciated. This is my second son going through the process and I remember how hard decision time was the first go-around.</p>


<p>if he got into Syracuse Newhouse, i'd probably advise him to go there. as far as i know, that's the top top communication program. while delaware has a good communications program also, i don't think it compares with Newhouse. plus the dual program sounds like a great opportunity. also, udel does not have as much spirit as Cuse and that's just a fact because of their teams. there is plenty of tailgating at udel but people rarely attend the actual games for the whole time, as far as i know. hope that helps a little.</p>