UDEL Honors vs UDEL regular vs UMD CP

My DD has been accepted to UDEL but we are waiting to hear about honors status.

We went on an honors tour back in Jan and we’ve found the school to be the “nicest” in terms of how they treated prospective students. The students on the honors tour reminded me so much of my daughter too. We really enjoyed our visit and found the college town lovely.

I was just wondering how much the honors experience plays for those who did or are currently at UDEL- in case she does/doesn’t get in. Our in state school is UMD and assuming she gets in there- these schools will probably be her top two choices.

Any thoughts from parents/ students with kids that recently graduated or are currently attending UDEL- particularly OOS?

Is Honors at UDEL mostly a freshman/ sophomore program? Are the classes significantly harder than regular classes? What else can you tell us about UDEL that might make the process easier?

Honors classes aren’t harder than regular classes, but different: typically much smaller, generally taught by professors not TA’s, less lecture/more interactive, requiring more critical thinking&writing (no multiple choice tests and lots of discussions, for instance).
What’s her intended major?
Would Udel without honors be cheaper than UMD CP? Any chance she could get Honors at UMD CP?4

We haven’t receive our merit package yet from UDEL but I would imagine that it will be more expensive for DD to attend UDEL. Obviously that will factor into our decision too- but I don’t want to speculate on that. We’ll make a cost benefit analysis on that once we see everything else.

She’s planning on majoring in Bio. Thanks for the info on the UDEL honors program.

As an aside: why bio? It’s one of the majors with the lowest ROIs - few job openings at the BS level and many, many failed premeds.

UDel Honors would probably be worth it (if it’s affordable without debt), but not UDel on its own, compared to UMDCP in-state, especially if she gets Scholars.


I agree 100 percent but that’s what she wants to major in. We understand that we’ll be on the hook for some sort of graduate school so she’s not eating pork and beans after college. We feel like it’s a solid major even if she decides to go into business for graduate school. Her other interests would pay even less. We’ve saved a lot of college so she could go just about anywhere without debt but we are trying to save money for grad school too so we are limiting budget for undergrad to assure money for grad school.

Make sure she has a quantitative or business minor and doesn’t lock herself into biology. (Or perhaps she can look into bioinformatics, Epidemiology, or something biology-adjacent or more applied but not straight bio? Or add a communication minor, because Health Communication is a real field that really, really needs people.)
I’m not sure it’s a solid major for business but she can figure it out as she goes.