UDel v. Northeastern

<p>Hello, I'm looking to major in criminal justice, and pursue either law or grad school after. Price aside, I'm torn between both. I like almost everything about Northeastern, from Boston to the facilities to the campus. However, feel that I wanna go to Delaware because of reputation, school spirit, academics, etc. Also, a 4 year school would be more practical to pursue an advanced degree. I also know that NEU has a school of Criminal Justice, while UDel has a department. I don't want to base my decision of that of course. I'd love to go to both.</p>

<p>Thanks a lot!

<p>The essential difference will most likely be that one's a private instruction driven institution, and the other a public, lower cost place with a 3 fold mission that must, by its very nature, diminish or at least make the instructional dynamic very different. I'm not sure what UDel's rep is in your area of interest. While a clear area of study, it's almost a guarantee that there has never been a Rhodes Scholar coming out of either, which is only to say that either/both are probably fine for your needs. Go where your gut and your pocketbook allow. The only real difference is your preferences.</p>

<p>Since 1990, UD has had four Rhodes Scholarship winners: Leonard P. Stark, Class of 1991; Douglas Mauro de Lorenzo, Class of 1998; Thomas M. Pellathy, Class of 2000; and David A. Kovara, Class of 2002. In all, UD has had 11 Rhodes Scholars since the prestigious program began in 1904.</p>

<p>UD also has produced numerous Marshall, Goldwater and Truman Scholars, and in 2005 was named a Truman Scholarship Honor Institution for its outstanding record of having Truman Scholars selected.</p>

<p>Mattmoosemom - thanks for that comeback.</p>

<p>It is fairly easy to find out information on the UD website, but maybe it is easier for me since I am familiar with it.</p>