UDelaware Nursing Chances

I’m currently a graduated student taking a gap year.
UDelaware nursing is my top pick.
Despite somewhat knowing the answer I would still
like some input about my chances at nursing at UDel.

93.35/100 weighted GPA
1380 SAT
8 APs, three 4’s, two 3’s, three 2’s
200+ hours clinical volunteer
applied regular decision.
Been suspended 3 times freshman-senior year.
Out of state.

I’m also trying to get into the nursing at UDel and here are my thoughts on your application:
Your SAT is strong for UDel and your course rigor seems to be good along with most of your AP test results. The 200+ clinical volunteer experience wont hurt your application but I heard that the admissions mostly looks at your GPA, course rigor, and SAT for OOS students. As for the suspensions, they do not look good on your application especially since they are spread out over 4 years. I hope that they focus more on your SAT, GPA, course rigor, and dedication to nursing so far. Good luck!

Everything looks good but obviously the suspensions are a big issue. It will depend on what they are for and is the gap year something that would make them seem old and irrelevant.

Good luck to you

You probably want to address the suspensions in your essay. Like explain what happened and how you have learned and grown, and how you have matured in your year off.

Nursing students have to go through regular background checks and drug testing before their clinicals and probably later when they are working in a medical practice.