UF 26, Chance me

3.68 uw, 6.56 w
25 ACT
23/752 Rank (97%)
210+ volunteer hours, journalism and animal rescue
Officer position in proposed major of study area
Internship completed in area of study (journalism)
1 AP, rest DE or Honors, will have AA once graduated from HS
White/hispanic/female, 1st Time Gen
Intramural sports (softball)
FL Resident

Already admitted to several FL schools but UF is preferred for the School of Journalism

how do you get your weighted?

likely not - low act. which have you gotten into?

How the county weighted it but have a large amount of De, as I said will have AA when Graudation comes around with around 65 credits. When I approximate with UFs scale just core classes, still over 5.0. Yes, ACT/ SAT has been a struggle,/ testing anxiety. Hoping gpa and rank helps overcome. Have gotten into UCF, USF, FAU Honors, FGCU, NCF, UNF Honors, UWF Honors and a few privates, all Florida

Well - you’ll find out but you got into great schools. FAU Honors seems neat.

But won’t have formal journalism.

Correct, think I’m leaning to UCF as primary backup. Just hope I have a shot at UF or even as a transfer student.

Go where you get in. I went to Syracuse for journalism. 90% don’t make it. It’s not where you go in journalism…it’s what you do…get an internship. Today you have phones to do stories. Make connections, etc.

Journalists come from all schools and even no schools.

You;ll be fine. It’s about you.

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As a first Gen , you have a good chance.
My daughter got in with 26 ACT score & OOS.

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What were her stats if you don’t mind me asking?

Weighted 4.14
Unweighted 3.8

Volunteered at the hospital & our church.
NHS, Peer Leader, had a job her senior year.
DE & AP classes.
Deca state qualifier

She graduated 2020 so I may be forgetting some activities.
Good luck to you!