UF '26 Chance

UF is my daughter’s top choice and we are from NJ.
Here are some of her stats:
4.14 Weighted GPA
30 ACT
Student council VP
Interact Club VP (130+ hours of community service)
A number of other EC’s including National Honor Society, School spirit club, church youth group
Did a pre-health program at Georgetown
4 year varsity soccer player and club soccer player
Major is health science on a pre-med track
So far accepted into UofSC and Elon, rejected from UMD, UNC, UVA.
Any help chancing is appreciated!

Since it is her top choice, I hate to be negative right off the bat. However, I am guessing her ACT is likely around the 25% for UF. That makes it tough for an out of state applicant. I really like her ECs, so I hope you come back and post that she was accepted.

UF is unique in that it would accept one student from a HS where there are several applicants. For In State there certainly more acceptances than that, but being involved in last year’s process with DD, it seems that for OOS applicants they seem to give the thumbs up to one from a specific HS.

If your daughter’s graduating class has applicants with stats that are not as competitive, she may have a better chance of being accepted.

It’s really a crapshoot. This was my personal observation from reading most posts regarding UF for last 2 years.

Surprised she was denied to UMD. My D21 was accepted with very similar stats.

Do we know her UF GPA. 30 ACT is at the bottom of last year’s # (25th %) ut the UF GPA 25th percentile was 4.4.

Yours is much lower so it’d be a no - but perhaps the UF GPA is higher.

You got into U of SC - frankly, nicer campus and just as good.

Good luck.

she showed absolutely 0 interest which I think could be why!

Neither UF nor UMD track or utilize interest so that’s not why.

You won’t know why you were rejected. It could be major, geography - it could be a typo in the essay or not strong LORs or ECs.

It could be the AO officer had a fight with their partner and came to work cranky.

But it wasn’t based on interest.

If they hold true to last year, they had a ton of apps - 50K vs. 32K the year b4 with a 4.39 average weighted GPA and a 31-34 ACT (25/75). That’s likely why you were rejected.

UMD is a hard get…don’t let the ranking fool you.

In countless threads you’ve made it clear you aren’t the biggest fan of UF’s campus. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, but it is strange that you think echoing this sentiment for the umpteenth time brings value to someone who has already made it clear that UF is their top choice.

You also say U of SC is “just as good” as UF. I was hoping you could enlighten us on exactly what that means and the evidence that led you to that conclusion.


I’m trying to be positive to OP - they got into U of SC - and it’s a great school!!!

I never said I don’t like UF’s campus - I said I prefer FSUs. The only campus I ever said I didn’t like was Illiniois.

The OP got into U of SC, it’s wonderful - and yes it has some features that one could argue are better than UF.

The international business major and sports management are top notch - yes, I don’t know their major. It’s less crowded - has better housing - and the Honors program (if they’re in) is top notch. And if you’re in the b school- your main classes aren’t on line. There’s also more geographic diversity - which is a plus. Lots of positive points about U of SC.

OP should be giddy about U of SC and Elon - both great finds - and it’s called being positive with them for what they assuredly have.

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ACT of 30 is at the bottom of the middle 50% of accepted students not the bottom 25% of accepted students

and 4.4 is in the middle 50% range not 25% range

Yes - it’s at the 25th percentile - the 25/75 was 30-34 - last year. We don’t know what it will be this year. I put 25th % in the comment above.

Again, we are not AOs - but they asked an opinion - my feeling is no - but even if it’s not, they have wonderful acceptances already.

not true. here is the most recent class profile

the Class of 2025:

  • Middle 50% Academic Core GPA (recalculated): 4.4-4.6
  • Middle 50% SAT: 1330-1470
  • Middle 50% ACT: 30-34

and the previous class
The Class of 2024:

  • Middle 50% Academic Core GPA: 4.4-4.6
  • Middle 50% SAT: 1320-1460
  • Middle 50% ACT: 30-33

Yes - the middle 50% is also known as the 25th to 75th percentile. The 30 means 25% of students scored under a 30 and 25% scored over a 34 - i.e. a 35/36.

You’re just restating what I already said.

Anyway, OP asked for a chance me.

I gave them my opinion.

If they didn’t want an opinion, they wouldn’t ask.

No reason to beat up on the person who responded to their question.

no they call it middle 50%. not top of 25%. thats the sweet spot. the middle 50%

50% of the accepted students fall in those ranges…

and it means that 50% of the kids were in that range, while 25% were below and 25% were above… its pretty simple

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and the range they share is only based on Fall admits… not summer, not pace and not IA. so there are many many more that get in that are outside of those ranges

not harassing, at all you just stated it incorrectly and its a little confusing to those who might not be familiar with the process

I don’t see where you offered your opinion as to their admission chances.

Why don’t you do that instead of criticizing my answer?? That’s what she’s asking you to do. I’ll respect whatever guidance you’ll give.

Ultimately, none of us are AOs and that will come in a few weeks - the real answer.

And no- i did not state it incorrectly. Nor have you. We said the same thing.

Typically, one does not want to sit below - what you called the sweet spot.