UF admission process, Summer, Fall & Spring

<p>Does anyone know if the applications are reviewed according to the term the applicant selected? Are the summer B applications grouped together and reviewed? The fall apps grouped together etc. </p>

<p>Just curious as to how all the apps are broken down into groups - if any.</p>

<p>When we toured UF and attended the admissions seminar they told us they put all applicants together (they don't split them off by summer/fall/spring), make their top choices, and then look at what term the people they have chosen have applied for and proceed from there.</p>

<p>Yep, what Slinger said is what they tell everybody. You aren't admitted based on your term of preference; you're admitted to the university (some colleges admit you to a particular term). Then, they try to place you in your preferred term if possible.</p>

<p>Ok thank you! Can't wait until Friday! :)</p>