UF Admitted Students Profile-Fall Admission

<p>UF has released the profile for Fall 2012 admitted students:</p>

<p>Mid 50% GPA-4.1-4.5
Average GPA-4.30
Mid 50% SAT-1830-2070
Average SAT-1951
Mid 50% ACT-28-32
Average ACT-30
Also indicated</p>

<p>7300 students accepted for Fall from 11,780 total acceptances
3300 students accepted for Summer B from 11,966 total acceptances
1366 students accepted for Innovation Academy</p>

<p>Im assuming the stats are only a little lower than last year because of the Innovation academy/ Extra seat admittances, right?</p>

<p>Yes. You are correct. Addiutional slots were added through Innovation Academy. The effective acceptance rate for Fall/Summer B admission was about 38% and for Innovation Academy above 50%. Clearly different admission criteria are being applied for Innovation Academy.</p>

<p>were any students accepted for Spring 2013 ?</p>

<p>In terms of acceptance for Spring Term, outside of Innovation Academy the answer is no. UF decided to merge Spring acceptances into Innovation Academy. If you add the total number of applicants for Fall/Summer B and those for Innovation Academy it is about 32,000. About 11,780 were accepted for Fall/Summer B and another 1900 or so for Innovation Academy. The philosophy according to UF was to make more efficient and effective use of facilities during Spring and Summer when the number of UF students on campus is substanially less.However, under current rules each UF student must take 9 credit hours during a Summer term to graduate. UF is projecting a freshman class for Fall/Summer B of 6,400 and about 500 for Innovation Academy.</p>

<p>Thanks, Can you also let me know if the admissions office looks at your senior grades?</p>

<p>In answer to your question they look at the courses you list in the application for senior year. If you drop a class or change you must advise UF. UF states that they only consider grades through your junior year in making the admission decision. However, UF reserves the right to withdraw an acceptance if there is a substanial decline in academic performanceduring your senior year.</p>

<p>Does UF consider high school classes taken in middle school and if so is there a way for them not to consider them if they are not favorable?</p>

<p>If they are on the high school transcript then they should be included. You have to be careful though because we had a discrepancy with the UF GPA they calculated and what we had on my daughter. It turns out they had not included the Middle School courses that were on the HS transcript.</p>

<p>Thanks, how did you realize the discrepancy?</p>