UF Fall 2020 textbooks

This might appear to be a dumb question so please bear with me. I am an incoming freshman at UF and I am unsure what to do about my fall 2020 textbook situation. I bought used copies of a couple of books super cheap online, but I also need a textbook for one of my classes. I have rented from Amazon in the past, and it worked great, but I was wondering when I should actually get that textbook as well as the best way to get it. Do most people wait until they get on campus (and get closer to the class start date) to get their textbooks? I won’t be buying it through the bookstore. This textbook also is available through the All Access program, but I am really confused as to how that system works and how cheap it is. If anyone has any insight on anything textbook-related, I would really appreciate it.

I would wait to get the syllabus and commentary from the professor before buying books. Unless you are certain that they will actually be needed from prior students. You cannot always know for sure what is required and what is optional. Also, the versions of the same textbook change periodically and you may get an old revision ahead of time. My son usually does the All Access program when available. I am not sure that it is the absolute cheapest way, but it is convenient.