UF Fall 2022 Transfer

Anyone applied to UF for Fall 2022?
Share you application date, intended major & current stats.

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I applied as a psych major back in December I think 21. They received my ap scores and my supplemental materials but still haven’t processed my unofficial transcripts. Stills says under review.

I don’t want to disclose my exact GPA but it’s above what is recommended for applicants to the psych major

Good luck! I hope you hear soon!

Do you know when they start reading applications? My portal completed two days ago.

I think each college reviews applications and they each operate on their own timeline.

I applied jan31!
Applying as a chem major with a 3.7 gpa from boston college… really hoping I get in I want to be closer to home :pleading_face:
Any idea when we might hear back?
And also what my chances might be? Their website says chem is a popular major so I’m stressed lol

How did you do in their prerequisite classes?

I have IB credit for Calc 1, Gen chem 1 and physics 1 (and got 6s and 7s on those exams), but a B in gen chem 2 and A- in calc 2. Bio 1 is in progress but likely A-/B+

It sounds like you are in a good position then.

I applied February 2nd.
Applying as a business major(information systems). From a NY community college with a 3.85 gpa.
I have a feeling I might not get in because is very competitive.
Do I have a shot lol? And do we hear back in April?

Have you completed UF’s required business pre req’s?

Yes. I currently have two of the last ones I need in progress since I’m taking them this semester. It says on their website I need to have the classes completed at the end of spring term for fall. So I feel like my chances are kinda 50/50.

Hey guys! Does anyone know the timeline to expect I submitted my application in December. Two weeks ago I was asked for a new version of one of my transcripts (had enrolled classes for fall 2021 when I ended up unenrolling) and that still hasn’t been processed in the past few weeks. I have deadlines to commit looming in the near future so I’m just trying to get an idea of what to expect because UF is one of my top choices .

CLAS is finishing their Summer admissions and pivoting to fall. I expect they’ll start making those decisions soon - they generally have a lot out later in March into mid-April for people who applied early and have submitted updated materials.

Thank you so much!

Ok so my daughter had previously been denied as a Freshman but got offered acceptance as a transfer, we accepted. We had a housing application in from months ago but need to get her in line for housing now and I can’t figure out how/where to go… help!

Congrats to her! Contact Us - Housing & Residence Life Since she already completed the housing application, they tend to pick up newly admitted students twice a week so they may reach out soon. You can use the contact us form for them to see if you can get quicker information.

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My daughter was not accepted to UF as a Freshman and reapplied as a transfer (she is graduating HS with her AA). She will be a Biology major. Does anyone know how long it takes to get a response? I was reading in some places, it can be June. By that time, she needs to commit to somewhere else or risk not being able to attend college in the Fall. Thanks!

The colleges are looking to prioritize the HS/AA students in their decision process. They know May 1st is the National decision day. Since your daughter wants Biology hopefully she has completed (or is completing) Biology 1 & 2 with labs, Chemistry 1 & 2 with labs, and Calculus 1.