UF mac 2233

Did not take AP Calc in High School (took AP stats instead because only 1 good AP Calc teacher and they retired). Worried since I did pre-calc a year ago but will have to take MAC 2233 and heard it is difficult. Should I try and take the CLEP test or take it somewhere else and just have to get a passing grade and transfer credit?

MAC 2233 in Florida appears to be calculus for business majors.

You may want to try this quiz at rurci3 to see what you may need to review from precalculus before taking calculus for business majors.

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Yes I am a marketing major so at this point even though I like math, I am more worried about starting out with a very strong GPA and so don’t want to take a class that might jeopardize that when it is just really almost a gen ed requirement for me.

Did you do Preview Prep yet? You can take the Aleks test to see if you can place out of it or take precalc again first.