UF Merit Scholarships

I know they’re rare, but does anyone have any updates on when they come out?

I got mine Feb. 23rd last year, so I’m assuming it’s around the same time this year?

Does anyone happen to know if all incoming freshman accepted into the Honors program automatically get some level of merit scholarship?

@GatorDone No, getting into honors does not mean a merit scholarship will be awarded.

@kc24567 check your portal. I happened to check my son’s tonight to see if I could find a link to when there might be an accepted students day, and I noticed a link for a scholarship acceptance form. He received an alumni scholarship. It’s not a ton, but I wasn’t expecting him to get anything. He did not apply to honors. Hopefully there’s something waiting there for you :slight_smile:

I just checked today and I received the Presidential lowest tier ($5,000). But they could be rolling it out in waves.

S19 received a Gator Nation award of $20,000 per year. He will also qualify for Benacquisto- I assume these don’t stack?

@mountainmomof3 My son also received the Gator Nation award but will qualify for Benacquisto. He was also awarded a music tuition waiver scholarship. I know these won’t stack, but I am wondering if he should accept everything offered so he’ll have back up in case anything happens to the Benacquisto in future years. I will call but I can’t until Monday. If you find anything out before then, please let me know.

I emailed Jessica Roth (who I was told was the person to ask.) That is our thinking as well- even if they don’t stack would that be the back for S19 if the OOS funding goes away?

@SE1619 - is your son definitely attending UF? My S19 has been torn between UF and Alabama. He is ultra paranoid about the OOS funding going away (whether that is a valid worry or not, it is still his worry.)

@mountainmomof3 I’m almost certain he will attend UF. He applied to a couple other schools that he won’t hear back from until March, but I think UF is his top choice no matter what. He really wants that National Merit money and he wants to be warm. He’s visited twice (once for music auditions) and really likes it. It’s the only school we visited that he wanted to buy a shirt from, so it seems like he’s set on going there!

We were also concerned about the OOS funding going away, but with the Gator Nation money, I believe it will still be the least expensive option if something happens to the Benacquisto funding.

Yes - that would be a nice back up to have.

@Melissa96 - Can you confirm whether all Merit Scholarships have been awarded or are still being rolled out?

does anyone know if all these scholarships can be stacked? If a kid gets bright futures and the Gold Presidential Scholarship which looks to be 32k total do they get to keep both?

@partyoffivemom - per the website it seems the in-state scholarships stack (but check of course). This is addressed on the Admissions scholarship FAQ page.

Where in the portal are you finding scholarship info?

@lisagatortx - right under link for enrollment confirmation is a line for scholarship acceptance form.

Thanks for the info @mountainmomof3 . I don’t see anything there in my son’s account, so I guess he is not getting any OOS scholarship money. :frowning:

bummer for us too

@tommc1 - So, testing that was being done that was supposed to be masked. If you do not see scholarship money now do not panic. What you saw was likely correct. Official scholarship notifications are scheduled to go next week. It was not all of the scholarship awards.