UF or Purdue for engineerig

<p>My unweighted gpa is 3.38 and weighted is 4.61(in 6.0 scale). SAT's are Math 610, Writing 510, Reading 510. Unfortunately I wasn't well informed of the SAT's and I took it in the beginning of senior year and at the time I was adjusting to my AP classes so there was no time to study.</p>

<p>I have had all honors and AP in highscool. In junior year I took AP US history AP Bio and AP english and got a 5 in Bio. Now I'm taking AP Stats, AP Calculus BC, AP Physics B, and AP Chemistry. In my first report card for senior year i got all A's. I have 125 hours of community service but this is only going to appear for Purdue because I didn't put it in time for UF. I'm in a legal magnet. I played JV football in sophomore year. My highschool has an alliance with UF which I hear is a big thing and I'm also a low income student although I don't think they consider that. I'm in-state(Florida) and am hispanic. Top 5 percent of my class. I have shown some good improvement also because I used to to get only one A and then i got some more A's as the years went along, for example, for Chemistry Honors I got a B but for AP Chemistry I got an A which shows I have taken things more seriously. I heard colleges look for patterns and they like that so that's why I put it.</p>

<p>Clubs: Interact, Italian Club, Science Honors, and Historical Honors</p>

<p>Upward trends</p>