UF or UMD?

<p>Hey everyone, I need some advice and input from people who really know UMD. I am from New Jersey, and am choosing between Florida and Maryland. I am planning to major in Mechanical Engineering.</p>

<p>Florida offered me an $8,000/year Office of Admissions Alumni scholarship, while Maryland offered a $12,000/year Presidential. Other than that the financial aid packages from both schools are about the same. Florida would be slightly more expensive because I would have to fly home.</p>

<p>I like Maryland because it's engineering school is really highly regarded, along with it's proximity to home and internship opportunities in DC. I like Florida because of the awesome campus, amazing school spirit and Florida weather.</p>

<p>Any insight/advice is much appreciated.</p>



<p>Remember, you have 50+ years after your 4 years in college. You have got to ask yourself " Which school will better prepare you for your future profession"? University of Maryland hands down</p>

<p>If it makes your decision any easier, I am a current freshman here at Florida and I hate it here and will be transferring to Maryland in the Fall.</p>

<p>Thank you both for your replies. Yanks, what specifically do you not like about Florida? Just so I can understand the pros and cons.</p>