UF rejected...need help.

<p>I found out that I got rejected by UF.
Even though I got accepted in UCF and FSU,
I want to appeal to UF.
My question is if there are any successful stories.</p>

<p>I really want to go to UF and I know that it is really hard to transfer to UF from other schools, unless I go to Santa Fe CC.
Still, even If I go to Santa Fe, I heard that It is very hard.</p>

<p>Is anyone trying to appeal to UF??
Does any body know how??</p>

<p>Also, does anybody know how hard is it to transfer from Santa Fe?</p>

<p>Word on the forums is that supposedly, last year over 300 people appealed and only about 15 of those rejection decisions were reversed. There is no point in appealing unless there was something major that you didn't include in your application or they overlooked something big. Examples being a death of an immediate family member impacting a particular trend in your grades or something.</p>

<p>Appeals on the basis of "I think I should've got in with my stats" are pointless and have no ground. The fact of the matter is not everybody who may be (or is) qualified will get in. Also, just because you got into UCF and FSU means absolutely nothing; UF is academically superior and not as easy to get into. </p>

<p>If you still decide you want to appeal, start by contacting admissions on Monday.</p>

<p>Thank you for your reply, but the reason why I said got accepted into UCF and FSU was to say that I really want to go to UF.
I wasn't saying that they are better than UF.
To tell you the truth, my GPA and other stats are not great;
however, I have a reason behind it and I didn't mentioned it in my application....</p>

<p>I think I should just give it a try...</p>

<p>What can it hurt? Try it</p>

<p>It's not really very hard to get in from CC. Just make sure you take all prerequisites for whatever major you're applying for and don't slack off. CC is a joke and whoever can't get the GPA needed to transfer in here would have been torn apart in the equivalent UF classes</p>

<p>I personally don't think CC is a joke. I think it's a great idea to spend way less on taking GE courses then transfer after receiving your AA for the final 2 years.
It's easy to do poorly though wherever you go even if it's a CC. Many kids walk in and expect to just show up on test days and end up doing poorly b/c it's a CC and should be easy. If you're motivated then you'll succeed anywhere. </p>

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<p>I have seen many posts over the past day or two from kids from prior years who tell how they were rejected at UF, and felt crushed.</p>

<p>So they went to FSU, and now are very happy being there. And say that they are actually happy, in retrospect, being rejected by UF.</p>

<p>So my advice to you is to simply move on, go to FSU with a good attitude, and the same will probably hold true for you.</p>

<p>I would pick FSU over UCF because it is better known nationally. </p>

<p>I actually know someone who transferred from UF to FSU.</p>

<p>If you read many of the transfer threads you will see many, many rejections with AA degrees. I'm not sure what your major is but Santa Fe may have a few degrees that are automatic transfers to UF. I know their Zoo program is outstanding and there is something tied to UF with that. I know that their business administration degree will automatically be accepted by UF's online business program. That is something that was started a few years ago.</p>

<p>FYI: I found out today that 2 friends of mine had children deferred from FSU but accepted to UF!</p>

<p>Thank you, but still, I am very worried and scared.</p>

<p>Orbit, don't sweat it. Just go to CC for a couple of years and save yourself a bunch of cash (it's cheaper). As long as you get decent grades, you should be able to transfer to any decent Florida school. The last thing you want to do it shoehorn your way into UF and then get burned out and get bad grades because you didn't realize what you were getting yourself into.</p>

<p>Dont go to a CC. Go to FSU then, trust me.</p>

<p>Why would you ruin all you worked for and go to a CC which anyone can get into? You wont have any college experience either. If you really want UF that badly, then go to FSU and try transfer after two years.</p>

<p>Yeah go to FSU. I have a friend who got into FSU but was rejected by UF. He really wanted to go to UF so he decided to go to Santa Fe that way he could be close to the UF enviorment. He ended up hating CC life and dropped out and went back home. Universities are generally the same the first 2 years anyways.</p>

<p>I go to UF now, and I know that it's really hard to get in if you appeal. Their admission requirements keep getting higher every year, so my advice to you (if you're dead-set on getting into UF eventually) would be to accept FSU and then reapply next semester as a transfer student. If they reject you, reapply the next semester. It can't hurt to reapply or appeal. A friend of mine got rejected last year and then appealed with an offer to come in the summer and they accepted her. Good luck, I hope everything works out!</p>