UF rolling decision after 11/1 deadline?

My dd has just decided she wants to apply to UF. She has already been accepted EA to UGA, GT, Auburn and UA, so she is a strong candidate (IMHO). Would her decision be a “rolling” decision or does UF have a date when they announce acceptances?

March 25th is notification date for applications after November1st deadline
Very difficult after November 1st deadline

Yes schools like Florida and UMD are brutal after the priority deadline.

She has a great list…what appeals about UF to her ? What’s she majoring in?

She can try but she hears later and the odds will be less.

Good luck.

Her intended major is Statistics. She is competing for both Army and AF ROTC scholarships. She loves the area and likes the fact that UF is an AAU school (and it is little further away from home, but not too far away.

Neither Auburn or Alabama are in that group. You may look at Va Tech If she’s looking to go away but not too far. It’s also not in the association but a great school.

Well she’s into great schools and I’m assuming she has great stats to get into UGA and Ga Texh so you’ll get a wonderful deal at Bama even without ROTC.

Good luck to her, Florida or elsewhere!!

UGA, GT, Auburn, UA? You are right she is a strong candidate and she has great options. We are a family of UF grads and what you were told above is correct about timing of EA applications and RD, etc. That said, the UF application is fairly simple, so why not throw her hat in the ring?

I don’t think UF admits by major (except maybe engineering?).

You can find out the percentage of those admitted in the RD round by contacting the admissions office. There is also an admissions officer who monitors this board and may answer you. UF used to have two main pools of candidates, one in the fall and the second in the spring and it wasn’t impossible to get in from the second group but that may have changed. They also have a lot of kids admitted for summer start, and that’s really not that bad as at least 9 credits must be completed in a summer session so a summer admit can knock that off early.

Unless something changed from last year, engineering is open as well.

I wasn’t sure because I know some engineers are admitted to the program at Santa Fe, and only engineering students are admitted that way. Don’t really know how they fill spots in that program if no one is admitted by major.

I think you do put down a major when applying, but it is not binding. If you are accepted, you can choose any major you want, regardless of what you originally selected.

While some applicants are outright denied, some are given alternate pathways to make it to the main campus as a student. For applicants who originally put down Engineering when they applied, they are given Santa Fe as an option.

Students for summer and fall major isn’t considered - although you have to audition for some of the BFA majors to be admitted into those (so you can be admitted to the university but not for Acting). - After the class is full and we couldn’t possibly admit another student then major is used for the secondary programs like PaCE and the Engineering majors at Santa Fe and State College of Florida.

i was always told by UF admissions that PACE academic level is no different than those admitted to fall and summer… that PACe admits are not a tier lower… are you saying that PACE is after they already admit the summer fall candidates?

Yes PaCE comes after summer and fall terms are full and no more students can be selected. PaCE students are good students who we don’t have the space to admit to campus and their major allows for online learning.