UF Spring 2012 Transfer: Question About Online Classes

<p>Hi everyone, so I have been accepted to UF in the spring as a junior transfer. I have my AA (obviously) but we found out at Transfer Preview last week that we need to take 2 semesters of a foreign language and that the foreign language classes we took in high school do not suffice for graduation from UF. I took French in high school and we cannot take that same language unless we take the SAT II, which I'm definitely not going to waste my time doing because I remember almost nothing from the French I learned in high school lol.</p>

<p>So anyways, I'm currently signed up for Spanish I and German I and I plan on dropping one of those. Spanish I is a blended 3 day a week class with some work online as well (most foreign languages are 5 days a week). German I is 100% online, which I would definitely prefer. I've never lived away from home/gone to a big university so I know I'm going to be overwhelmed when the semester starts and I think for my first semester at UF I want to have the lightest schedule as possible. </p>

<p>SO anyways (wow enough rambling), my question is: does anyone know how difficult online classes in general are at UF? And does anyone know about German specifically? I am completely unfamiliar with the German language which worries me a little bit. I've heard that intro foreign language classes are pretty easy because they expect everyone to have little to no knowledge in the language they take, so I'm hoping that's true. German just sounds so intimidating to me. I like the idea of getting rid of the 3 day a week Spanish class, but I also don't want it to bite me in the butt taking a more difficult online class.</p>

<p>Thanks so much for anyone that can help me!!</p>

<p>DO the three day a week Spanish class. Try to avoid having an online class for your first semester. A friend of mine is doing Spanish and he said it is absolutely wonderful.</p>

<p>I have no input as far as taking german or any foreign language at UF but I totally disagree with the poster above me's suggestion to avoid online classes your first semester. I happened to have 2 (not by choice, 2 of my req classes they suggested I take were ONLY offered online). I transferred as well and I definitely was happy to have those classes online, I definitely was overwhelmed by being at a real university so it helped my transition feel a little less overwhelming. Every class I've taken online has been totally doable but again I don't have any experience with foreign language at uf.</p>