UF Telecom Major Advice Help Please

I’m a Santa Fe Student entering into the Fall 2018 term and I plan to transfer into UF’s Telecom major. But, recently I have been a bit worried about whether I can find jobs with that major. I really like the major and how I can specialize in different areas of Telecommunications. So, I wanted to hear from other Telecom majors and I wanted to know what kind of jobs you earned with the major (and if you stopped at a bachelors or continued with a masters).

It’s also important to note that I am more interested in the Production and the Media and Society Specializations

The Production specialization prepares students for careers in program creation, writing and the creative applications of video and audio technology.

The Media and Society specialization focuses on the theories, methods and techniques used to play, produce and distribute audio and video programs and messages; personnel and facilities management; marketing and distribution; media regulations, law and policy; and principles of broadcast technology. It prepares individuals to work in media organizations and those organizations that use electronic media, such as political campaigns, government, education and business.