UF Transfer / Fall 2019

I submitted my application to UF for fall 2019. Here are my stats

I have my AA and will finish up my prereqs DiffEq and Physics 2 this semester
Instate attending St. Petersburg college
Major: Aerospace Engineering
Gpa: 3.5
Critical tracking GPA: 3.88

What are my chances of getting in? @Gator88NE

Update: The message in my status portal used to say “your transfer application for admission to the microbiology and cell science major at UF has been received” but now it dropped the major and just says “your transfer application for admission to UF has been received.” Not sure if this means anything

@sassygator1 Yeah, same; you’re not alone lol

Mine had said “Your Transfer application for admission to the Political Science (POL_BA) degree program at the University of Florida for the Fall 2019 term has been received” up until this morning; now it just says “Your Transfer application for admission to the University of Florida has been received.”

I remember this actually happening to me for like a couple of days a few months back & I was excitedly thinking that something was about to happen, but then it just reverted back to normal so I don’t think it meant anything then, but I don’t know, who knows this time lol (fingers crossed)

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@brucejoel99 yeah mine just reverted back to the degree program lol

@sassygator1 yep, same: “Your Transfer application for admission to the Political Science (POL_BA) degree program at the University of Florida for the Fall 2019 term has been received.” Guess it didn’t mean anything lol

i’m currently taking 2 of the pre-reqs this semester for the economics major. does anyone know what impact this has on when the final decision is made? also, if an application has been referred to the CLAS does that mean I fulfilled all the admissions requirements for UF?

@ceylan99 I’m sorry I don’t have an answer for your first question but in regards to your latter question, yeah, if you’ve been referred to the CLAS, then that means UF Admissions was able to determine that you met UF’s requirements for transfer on the Admissions Office’s end, so it’s up to the CLAS Admissions Committee now. I’d suggest calling the CLAS & following the prompts on the line so you can speak to the Admissions Secretary & ask your transfer requirement question.

Does anyone know if Economics is considered a “limited access” program, and how competitive this program is? I’m transferring from a small liberal arts college w/ a 3.72 gpa, finance internship last summer, econ tutor last semester. was hoping for some insight on my chances on being accepted?

@ceylan99 Economics is not considered a limited access program (i.e. a program that, even for freshman admits, has a separate selection process in addition to the university’s normal admission process); however, it is considered an overenrolled major in the CLAS, meaning the minimum criteria required to be a competitive applicant are higher than the minimum requirements for some other CLAS majors.

I can’t speak as to your chances but if you’ve met the minimum criteria needed to be considered a competitive applicant for the Economics major, then I’d say you have a good shot when it comes time for the CLAS Admissions Committee to review your application.

My application for the Fall 2019 semester was accepted!!

APPLIED: November 6, 2018
ACCEPTED: April 16, 2019
MAJOR: Political Science
TRANSFERRING FROM: Florida State University

I was accepted yesterday!!

APPLIED: 2/13/2019
ACCEPTED: 4/17/2019
MAJOR: Microbiology and Cell Science
TRANSFERRING FROM: Chipola College (Florida)

I’m recently submitted my transfer application for UF Spring 2020. I’m transferring from a 4 year public university with my AA degree. Here are my stats:

College: Business
Major: Marketing
GPA: 3.27
pre professional GPA (7 core classes) : 3.8

What are my chances? Worried about the competitiveness of the applicant pool vs available spaces.

Did anyone take a 3000 level course at their institution before transferring to UF?

Hi! So this thread is the most recent one I’ve found where I think you all could help me!
I am trying so hard to figure out which major to transfer for. I will have completed my AA in Spring, so after I get my Fall grades I am submitting my application to transfer. This was not my best semester, I am getting all B’s. However, the two majors I chose (because I plan to double major at UF), where History and Political Science. Currently, my transfer GPA’S (counting this semester), will be History: 3.0 (but I am taking another history class in spring which may bring it up to a 3.33, with an A). And Political Science: 3.25. My overall GPA is above a 3.3 though, so which would be the best to transfer for

I am a freshman at USF who is applying as a transfer student in CLAS for Political Science to UF, so for the first semester I was stupid and I took too many classes and the Stats class which was a prereq I got a C and my overall GPA was a 2.83 but this semester I’m doing much better like the two prereqs I’m taking rn I have A in one and an A- in another and I can bring my GPA over a 3 and overall a 3.23 with my prereq GPA to a 3.4 and if I get an A over the summer in my prereq will b a 3.62 and same with my overall GPA and I’ve been volunteering and doing Poli Sci research do u think I’ll have a good chance getting in as a transfer?
Thank you in advance from a hopeful student

@Tampa0816 I would think so…


Thank you so much @Gator88NE

@Gator88NE so this semester I did much better in terms of grades, as I brought my overall GPA up to a 3.22 and my pre-req GPA up to a 3.15, as well as signed up to finish my 60 credits, in addition, I completed more internships, volunteering, and doing research for Poli Sci, so in your opinion do I have a decent chance of being accepted in comparison to before?

@Tampa0816 Great Job! I think your chances are greatly improved. Keep up the good work. :smiley:

@Gator88NE Sorry to hassle you but my grades have came out and my overall GPA is a 3.18 and my pre-req is a 3.1 because I got a B+ instead of an A- in one of my pre-reqs so will that make a massive difference in terms of the admission team, and do I still have a decent chance of being accepted?