UF Transfer / Fall 2019

I’m currently working on my transfer application for UF Fall 2019. I’m transferring from a state community college with my AA degree. Here are my stats:

College: Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS)
Major: Microbiology and Cell Science
GPA: 3.64 (hopefully 3.7 after spring)
Critical Tracking GPA: 3.714 (hopefully 3.79 after spring)

What are my chances?? Does anyone know if CALS or microbio is competitive? I know transfers with an AA from a FL community college are considered first, but I’m worried about the competitiveness of the applicant pool vs available spaces.

I would think your chances are excellent, as long as you’ve met all of the requirements. CALS isn’t super competitive, and they do accept/enroll the 2nd largest group of transfer students (behind CLAS).

@Gator88NE Thank you! Do you know if CALS uses rolling admissions?

Yes, transfer admissions most but not all colleges/majors are rolling, in that you can have up to 4 different transfer applications due dates, each year.

CALS is rolling.

See the follow link for the transfer application deadlines (by semester):


Nursing, is one example, that only has one transfer application due date, March 1st.

@Gator88NE So if I submit my application in January for the Fall 2019 term, could I get accepted before the April 15th deadline, or do they wait until after the given deadline to review all of the applications for that term?

I would think so, but you should ask the college.

Contact Charlotte Emerson, Director, Student Development and Recruitment, with questions regarding transfer admissions.

I applied for Summer B 2019! I applied as a Sociology major on December 13 but there has not been an update on my page since everything was checked off towards the end of December.
GPA: 3.7
Credits: 86 (most from dual enrollment)
Current institution: UCF

I’m also wondering what my chances are of getting into UF this fall as a transfer student?
College: Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS)
Major: Political Science
GPA: 3.7
Current Institution: CC in Florida

Hello! I am applying to UF Fall 2019 from FSU

I will have my AA degree and all pre-reqs done by the end of this semester.
I am applying to College of Public Health.
Current GPA: 3.5 (hopefully 3.6 after spring!)
EC: orthodontist and bariatric surgery shadowing, health club, children’s hospital volunteer

What are my chances?

For those transferring into CLAS, this link shows what’s required and also what’s needed to be a competitive candidate.


For example:

Political Science isn’t a “limited access” program and is not very competitive.

On the other hand, the Bachelor of Public Health is a limited access program, so it’s much more competitive.

The 3.0 GPA is a minimum requirement. It needs to be higher to be competitive.

@bagelluvr98 make sure you’ve submitted both applications.

I don’t know, you can ask the college. I assume the worse case is that they wait until they receive all of the applications for that term, before making decisions. However, each college may have it’s own policy.

Hey whats up guys, on the uf transfer website it says minimum 3.0 gpa to be competitive for requirements for Econ transfer. I’m exactly at a 3.0 gpa for that. what do you guys think ? I have a 3.23 cumulative which should be at least at a 3.35 by the end of this last semester finishing my AA. good luck to everyone

Hi everyone. :slight_smile: UF is one of my top choices. Good luck to all.

California community college student
White / Female
Major: Telecommunications
GPA: 3.9
Extracurriculars: YouTube and freelance writing/editing
Job/Work Experience: part-time teacher
Volunteer/Community service: 5 years for hospice care, 2 years for food banks, 3 years tutoring, 1 year teacher’s assist

I couldn’t find too much about transfer requirements, but on the journalism department page it said to complete the equivalents of:

ENC1102 – Argument and Persuasion
AMH2020 – American History since 1877
POS2041 – American Federal Government
STA2023 – Introduction to Statistics
ECO2013 – Principles of Macroeconomics
Attention Advertising & Public Relations Majors: PSY2012 General Psychology is accepted in lieu of POS2041

I’ve done those all (except taking macroeconomics next quarter, I’m taking micro now) so hopefully I have a shot!

Have any of y’all submitted your apps and heard any updates? They just received all of my transcripts this week and I’m wondering about how long it usually takes to be referred to the college for a final decision.

Rejected :frowning: Decision was posted 03/04/2019. Oh well! I was missing one pre-requisite (macroeconomics).

@90smix I’m sorry! is the missing pre req the reason you were rejected?

@sassygator1 It’s okay! And yeah my letter said “Thank you for your interest in our degree programs. Unfortunately, we are unable to admit you at this time. You are missing one or more of our required prerequisite courses.”

Ive applied for Chemistry with Biochemistry track and I’m also waiting for a decision for Fall 2019. I attend Santa Fe College

Hello! Is anyone here applying for the Fisher School of Accounting?