UF Transfer Fall 2021 Thread

I didn’t seem to find any thread for fall 2021 transfers for University of Florida (Gainesville), so here it is. List your stats and questions below to help everyone else out. I’ll get the ball rolling…

College: Penn State

Major: Currently an Economics major but applying for Business at UF

GPA: 3.72

HS GPA: 3.5

Credits: 60+ by end of year

Pre Reqs: Completed (calculus, Econ, accounting, computer science, writing etc)

EC’s: Hedge Fund intern, engineering intern, charity work, business owner, 2 sport varsity athlete in HS

Awards: Deans List every semester, Scientific Journal Publication

Recommendations: NONE

Extras: Minority, Decent essays

I think I have a good chance, but maybe a little lower for the business major.

I just applied for fall 2021 admission as well. Does anyone know if being out of state is a major disadvantage to admission?

Great question, hopefully someone has a good answer. I seem to recall reading about preference for Florida state colleges and universities (i.e. maybe they pull from the Santa Fe college first, then other Florida colleges and universities). Sorry I can’t remember if this was unofficial information from this board, or if that “preference” was published on a UF website.

In my case, we applied as a transfer from FSU for fall, complete application submitted mid-Jan and wondering every day when a decision will come out. CLAS website says they’ll start making decisions Jan 18, but postings in last year’s thread showed people getting notifications in April (and someone said June!).

There isn’t a Santa Fe preference although being so close they do offer the prerequisites for all of UF’s majors. Students attending a Florida State/Community College earning an AA degree need to be admitted to a university to finish their education so they have a bit of preference.

i applied for computer science for CLAS. Anyone in CLAS who applied as a transfer for fall 2021 hear back?

Econ CLAS - not yet.

When did you apply?

Jan 11, and you?

Jan 19! I know someone who applied in december for CLAS for this fall who got accepted a week ago. So hopefully we hear back sooner than we think

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Someone who applied for Summer A/C still has yet to receive a decision. I am not a fan of this waiting game I just want to know so I could start looking for housing. Has anyone heard back for Fall yet?

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No not yet, I applied for CLAS fall in early February and have heard nothing

On the CLAS website, it says the latest we could hear back is June. I really hope it doesn’t take that long.

We just received our acceptance to CLAS earlier this week!

Congrats! When did you submit your application?

It says the latest is June. Making sure you have all transcripts uploaded including Fall 2020 grades is the best way to get a decision earlier.

Nice! At least some of us getting accepted shows that admissions is moving! It’s been about 2 months for you? At the same rate I’ll get my decision april 17 ): so long to wait

Anyone else apply to clas geography?

Congratulations! Did u receive an email saying there was an update? or did u just check on your own and saw the update?

Thanks. We were obsessively checking the portal.

Hi all! I was admitted today as a History major (CLAS) applied back in early Feb, called admissions about a week ago to check on my app, did not receive an email just a status update to my application when I checked this morning! Hope this helps, good luck everyone :grin:


@Melissa96 Congrats! Thinking about calling myself, what did you say to them on the phone?