UF Transfer Fall 2021 Thread

I’m applying for Business in Warrington and it said for Marketing it would be first week of May. Here’s the link: Transfer Admission | Undergraduate Academics | UF Warrington.

Cool, I also applied to their Business School. Hopefully, this will be the week!

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What’s your situation?! Found out anything??

Nah, still haven’t found out anything with UF. I’m a community college transfer from NJ with a pretty solid application (I’d say lol). I know that UF is competitive for out of state students so I’ll have to see what happens. Are you in state?

Am I screwed? I got 2 F’s this semester bringing my gpa to a 2.83. My college has grade forgiveness so I’m gonna retake those classes this summer. Should I say something to uf? Is my chance no longer there?

Program I applied for requires a 2.5 and I passed all my prerequisites.

Are you a Florida resident?

Yes, Im getting my aa from a Florida cc this may

Nice, well you definitely have an edge because of that. I think you still have a solid shot. I applied with a 4.0 GPA, 3.55 HS UW GPA, and other respectable ec’s/ jobs. Though, I’m out of state so my chances are a lot slimmer than yours so

I’m out of state which I actually think helps overall, not sure for transfers, and I’m coming from UCLA after one year which I have to think helps lol!

Well, Florida community college transfers are prioritized, just like any other public state school. That’s awesome though! UCLA is the better school, you just don’t like it there?

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It’s a variety of factors, I just feel like UF is a better fit for where I am now.

Still no word past 5:30 PM ET in Gainesville and they said they were going to release decisions the first week of May… Anyone hear anything?! Thoughts?? Fingers crossed it’s good news and SOON!

I hear you man, UF seems like an awesome school all around. I also haven’t heard back, pretty frustrating especially since it said that this was the week. Maybe tm?

A meme for us in this trying time

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I didn’t get into my first choice major which was Finance, though, they are offering me a spot in their Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration program. Anyone else?

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Really strange, I haven’t received anything in my Admissions Portal. What did y’all’s all say?!

I received an email saying that, nothing within my portal. Maybe you should double check your emails, who knows lol.

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Weird, I thought it would’ve been in the Admissions Portal. Can’t find an email for the life of me, do you mind sharing what email you got it from?!

So the email I received was titled “UF Business Application (BSBA Degree)”. And its origin was from the Warrington School of Business. It’s likely you haven’t received a decision yet, I’m assuming you’ll get in, especially since you’re coming from a top tier school.

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Yeah, I emailed them to find out an Application Status update! Hopefully good news this afternoon, fingers crossed! I’m in Florida right now for gymnastics funny enough

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