UF Transfer Question..60+ credits

<p>Hello, i am a prospective transfer student to UF. I am in my last year at my community college in florida, and plan on transferring in a year, fall 2011, when I will have 60+ credits. My question is, if i apply for upper level transfer, and have 60 or more credits, with or without an a.a, what gpa do I need to get in? The website says a 2.0 and 60 credits will get me in, but I am a little skeptical of only needing a 2.0. Thanks for your time. Oh yea probably going to major in criminal justice, if that makes a difference. Thanks</p>

<p>i just graduated from my CC with an AA. I applied to UF with a gpa of 3.7 for criminology and was accepted. its best to keep your gpa at around a 3.5 to be competitive</p>

<p>what about a solid 3.0. with 60 plus credits.</p>

<p>also with more than 60 credits do i have to submit act/sat scores?</p>

<p>during orientation, i nvr met anybody with lower than a 3.45 </p>

<p>and i dont think you would, but try and stay at 60 credits</p>

<p>get that GPA higher to be safe. spend the next 2 semesters kicking ass in school and getting all A's to raise your GPA. In all honesty, I don't think you would have a chance of getting in with a 3.0, and I don't mean that offensively.</p>

<p>The website says that a 2.0 is the bare minimum GPA that you need in order for your application to be considered- not that you will get in with a 2.0. </p>

<p>Generally, I wouldn't think that you would be very competitive with a 3.0, however it varies greatly by major. I know that majors like Accounting and Journalism are extremely competitive because they are 'limited access' majors. Those majors would probably require a 3.8 or better with 4.0 prereqs. Other (less popular) majors are much less competitive. I had heard that a 3.0 was sufficient to major in Statistics in previous years. </p>

<p>I don't know for sure about criminal justice, but as long as it isn't a 'limited access' major, I would guess that you should have around a 3.6 to be very competitive. That's just a guess, though, based on what I know about the admissions process and how popular certain majors are. </p>

<p>As for the ACT/SAT scores, you don't have to send them in, but you do have to send in your high school transcripts (to prove that you've met the foreign language req). Generally HS transcripts have ACT/SAT scores on them. </p>

<p>Also, remember that there are two GPAs that are important in this equation... your cumulative GPA and your pre-professional GPA. The cumulative GPA is simply your overall GPA, while the pre-professional GPA is the GPA of the classes that were required for admission into your degree program. The majority of applicants that I've seen on CC have a 4.0 pre-prof.</p>

<p>Last tip, definitely get your AA. I was admitted to UF for political science in March, on the condition that I recieved my AA in May. If you don't get your AA you may not be able to fulfill your conditions of admission.</p>

<p>My friend had about 70 credits and his AA degree, but still didn't get in. He had a C in one his pre-reqs though, and i think that was the reason.</p>