UF Transfer Summer 2021 Admission Discussions

Hey, guys I submitted my application to UF on 1/4 for the CLAS Psychology major for the Summer A/C term. Here are my stats

Overall GPA 3.53
Prereq GPA 3.70

I recently called and they have told me that I was admitted to UF but my application has now been referred to college (CLAS)

Hi! I submitted transfer for Summer 2021, UF online though. Is there a difference when it comes to admissions with online program

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I am at umiami, a florida resident, spending 70k on online classes, verses like 15k at UF

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Hey! I recently submitted my application to UF for Bio in summer B, and was wondering if you had heard anything back from the office of admissions? I’m just trying to figure out how long it’ll take for decisions to come out. Thank you!

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I think they process it much faster than if you were taking it on campus

Not yet:/ but I have heard some people already receiving notifications this week for CLAS, so maybe next week

Oh no way? I wasn’t expecting them to come out so quickly. Are the people hearing back getting good news or is CLAS being selective? Good luck to you!! I’m sure you’ll do amazing :slight_smile:

UF Online and UF Main Campus are applications are processed through two completely separate offices with different timelines and deadlines.

Do you know how long the rolling admissions usually take? I have everything submitted on my side that they need