UF, UCF, NYU Poly, or WPI

<p>im interested in mechanical engineering or aerospace engineering.
which of these colleges would be the best if i wanted to pursue my education further on to graduate school.</p>

<p>university of florida, university of central florida, or polytechnic institute at nyu, or worcester polytechnic institute. </p>

<p>right now it sounds like a total fantasy but i want to attend graduate school MIT,stanford,uc berkely, georgia tech.</p>

<p>Since this is your first post, give us some info about yourself. Are you a senior and those are the schools you have been accepted to, or are those the schools you are contemplating applying to?</p>

<p>I dont recommend NYU-Poly for aerospace since its a concentration for ME students and not a major itself.</p>

<p>Academically....UF, followed by WPI, UCF and then Poly. But you need to factor in fit and cost (obviously) as any can get you into the grad schools you list if you do well.</p>

<p>at the same time, I recommend NYU-poly for aerospace because people who graduate from this school go on to work for NASA. they really, really do. although, in all fairness, it's hard to do much for the aerospace field without a doctorate. :/</p>

<p>Yes static I worked with the two guys that worked for NASA. They also happen to work during spring semester because a recruiter for NASA told me that over 5000 people apply for less than 30 internship positions and that it's almost impossible to get accepted for a summer term.</p>

<p>Poly has an aerospace concentration in mech E and does not have it's own department.</p>