UG Engineering in UK veersus US (Purdue Vs Manchester) or MIT Vs Imperial College

<p>hey people please help me out in this. i have been thinking on this for months
please tell me your intelligent views
i have got an offer from in UK from Manchester, Bath, Nottingham, King's, Imperial
from US, I have Penn state, Purdue, Ohio State & Waitlisted at University Of Michigan Ann Arbor.
really confused, the total cost at Purdue, PSU, OSU , & other UK colleges are same at $36000 whereas the one's in London are more.
More Importantly worried of the employment after graduation. which is safer, UK or US???</p>

<p>The UK colleges will provide you with a Masters degree while in the US you will only get a Bachelors. This should be factored into the cost aspect.</p>

<p>Of all the schools listed here:</p>


<p>Imperial and Michigan </p>


<p>Bath, Manchester, Nottingham and PSU</p>


<p>Imperial cannot be cheaper than MIT if only for the cost of living in London and the Pound vs Dollar equation.</p>

<p>I dont think the OP has got in at MIT.</p>