UGA as an OOS student?

I am an out of state student considering attending UGA and I was wondering how difficult it would be to make friends or fit in. The stats show that >80% of students are in state, and largely from the Atlanta metro area. I worry that this means most students will already know 10+ others coming in. Can anyone with experience at UGA comment. Thanks!

@georgiahomer thats a reason I’m contemplating on going it’s mainly Georgians there, but from my research if you want to make friends you gotta our yourself out there and there’s a lot of social events to help you with that.

@georgiahomer I am also an OOS contemplating UGA. One piece of advice I got from a current OOS student was using the roommate match tool. You can access it here once you’ve registered (which you may have done already):

This will allow you to search for roommates who match closely to your responses. The student suggested searching for OOS roommates and messaging them through this to connect and see if they’d be interested in rooming. There’s also various FB groups and other third party sites where you may be able to do this.

@georgiahomer we are OOS and trying to decide between UGA honors vs. USC honors program (or NOT doing Honors at all). Tough decision when we can’t even visit campus. Anyone have opinions on UGA vs. USC as a whole? thank you!