UGA Early Action for Fall 2022 Admission

Last year my D received a small merit award in March. I believe it was the “Classic City” award or “Classic”… it was $1500-$2000. Her friend received the same. I believe it was used to attract high stat students. (We were full pay.) So it is possible you could hear about merit later. I believe David Graves states this on the blog… that awards are issued through March/April.

ETA: We are GA residents so my D already had free tuition through Hope/Zell. This merit was in addition to that.


My son at Uga is a senior so back in 2018 we went last week of January for admitted student days. I was really hoping we’d hear something soon. I don’t want to wait til March or April.

Foundation Fellowship decisions are out!

Funny, I was trying to be quiet. GA high schools have the most ridiculously inflated GPA metrics in the universe. Your point is the right point. Some of these high schools have 5.0 scales for unweighted!!!

If we were deferred EA, when can we expect to hear finally?

OOS D22 deferred. Does she need to send senior grades or is it just a delayed soft rejection at this point? Thanks

100% not a rejection!! Do not think that at all! I think she needs to send in her mid-year grades. David Graves, who works at admissions at UGA, writes a super transparent blog. Check it out, it will make you feel better, and you can understand why they defer so many - they just need more time to do a holistic review. Hang in there and good luck to her!


Informative - thanks. However the blog reads as though some EA applicants will be notified mid feb; they are almost exclusively RD. That’s confusing!

Ah, yes I know what you are talking about. I think only a small group of RD will hear in Feb - they will be very high stats applicants. I think almost all EA deferrals get notified in March. I know when you are waiting time moves in slow motion!


I know a kid who was an EA applicant who was notified mid Feb a couple years ago. No change except he submitted fall grades. We were all kind of shocked he didn’t get in EA (he is now at a. T20 private) so maybe he just fell thru the cracks. So it is possible but vast majority are RD applicants who are very high stat and get in solely on an academic review.

A fiend of mine had both her kids get in during the February round after they were deferred EA. The only thing that they had different at that time was that they took the ACT again and had a big jump in their scores (specifically English and Math).

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