UGA Early Action or Regular Decision?

Hello, I just finished my Junior year of high school and my top choice for college right now is UGA. I’m curious as to if I should apply Early Action or Regular Decision. I know that Early Action is more of an academic review compared to regular decision being more of a holistic and academic review. Please let me know your thoughts! I plan on taking the SAT again in August and the ACT in September. My SAT score is currently a 1290 (I get the worst testing anxiety… yay me).

Here are my stats:
GPA unweighted- 3.76
GPA weighted- 4.8
SAT- 1290
APs- 9 (as of the end of my senior year)
Class Ranking- 191/1286

Extra Curriculars:
President of Drama, Chorus Officer, Barbershop Ensemble, DECA, National Honor Society, UNICEF, I volunteer as a Princess and read books to underprivileged children, and I also dance multiple times a week (ballet, tap, and jazz).

300+ Service Hours

Summer Marketing Internship- 2019

I would suggest you apply regular decision to get the more holistic review since you appear to have good extra curricular activities and try to get your GPA and test scores up in the fall. Your essays should probably be taken seriously and bring out your personality, as well. Good luck.