UGA Foundation Fellows Class of 2025

Starting this thread for those who applied to UGA FF Scholarship. Based on previous years, I would think that the invitations to interview should be extended soon?

I emailed them at the end of November and they told me they were hoping for mid-January!

Wondering if it will be this week?

Did you get offered another scholarship? About a month ago I got a notification of the Classic City scholarship and I think that means I’m not being selected for an interview.

My daughter wasn’t offered a scholarship but she was an Honors admit. I think in previous years there were some people who received some early scholarships who ended up being invited to interview, so that could be good news for you. Congrats on your scholarship!

I really hope it is. Thank you!

Foundation Fellows decisions are out!

Didn’t make it, congrats to everyone though!

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Didn’t make it either, but I’m pretty set on Baylor or TCU at this point, so glad that the scholarships can go to someone who actually truly loves UGA.

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My DD didn’t get it either, oh well!

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DS didn’t get it either (not surprised), is in honors, but no scholarships at all so far.

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My daughter didn’t either.

me neither LOL. I’m with you on this though, and even though I don’t have somewhere I can go yet, UGA was one of my last choices honestly

same here!

My DD didn’t either. Luckily she got an acceptance and nice merit from another school today so that helped offset any disappointment. Hopefully we’ll hear good news from someone on CC about FF :slight_smile:!

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My daughter got notification that she is a finalist!!! There are 48 finalists.


Woohoo! Congratulations!



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Congrats! That’s an even smaller group of finalists than last year. Good luck to you DD with the competition! It’s an amazing program.