UGA Foundation Fellows

Hi, I have a 33 on the ACT and a superscored 1500 on the SAT. I have gotten all As in highschool and taken 9 APs so far. By the time I graduate, I will have taken 13 APs. I have a 790 on Biology Subject SAT.
I wanted to know whether I had any shot at all in UGA foundation fellows or not…like is it even worth applying with these scores?
Their average is a 1555 on SAT and 35 on ACT.

Please respond AS SOON AS POSSIBLE ! Thank you!

It’s not just about stats. But I do think your stats make it very unlikely.


any other opinions?

@itsgettingreal17 knows what she is talking about with a child that is a Foundation Fellow. You should shoot your shot, but the odds of becoming a Foundation Fellow are just long at UGA. For the Foundation Fellows class of 2018 that you quoted the academic stats from, 20 students were selected out 1200+ applicants. I say shoot your shot because the students selected will get a world class education, amazing resources, and top notch enrichment experiences. Good luck.

It gets more and more competitive with each class. And as elite private colleges get more expensive and families learn about the benefits of being a Foundation Fellow, more exceptional students apply. Next year’s class will be even more competitive. And because too many students accepted the Fellowship last year, it’s a very good bet that next year’s class will be much smaller than last year’s and even more competitive.

Good luck!

My D is also a Foundation Fellow. Your grades and test scores may only get you in the door and a lot of good students will be applying. Things that make you unique or set you apart on your application such as special honors, awards, essays, demonstrated skill at something, meaningful volunteer efforts, and/or ability to communicate well appear to make the difference. Good luck!

My d was awarded another scholarship from her FF application. If you don’t apply there is no chance of getting it.