UGA Honors - Chances and Recommendations

<p>Greetings CC,</p>

<p>After frequenting these forums for weeks, I decided it was best to make a new thread to ask for recommendations.</p>

<p>I fell in love with the UGA Honors program after I researched it (my friend's acceptance brought the program to my attention). I became extremely worried after viewing the first-year student profile; how could I get in to such a competitive program? I'm namely asking for an estimate of my chances and for recommendations to enhance my application.</p>

<p>My high school doesn't offer a 4.0 GPA, but instead gives an average. I had to hand calculate my GPA, reaching 3.90 UW. As far as weighted is concerned, I am unsure how UGA weighs specific classes. I've taken all offered Pre-AP classes, since my school offers no AP until 11th grade. I took two AP classes (the only offered) my Junior year. I am currently ranked 3/104 (I attend a small-town public HS).</p>

<p>I think the main hindrance in my acceptance will be my SAT scores. While I have the highest score--by over 200 points, I believe--in my class, it is still low in relation to the UGA Honors first-year profile. With a 1930 (580 M/690 CR), I have slim chances of admission to the program.</p>

<p>I will be taking the ACT for the first time this June. I am studying ferociously in hope for a 32. </p>

<p>My EC's are decent (considering local options):
-Highly involved in FBLA (I will be President my Senior year and I am competing at the NLC this summer. Our chapter is ranked 5th in GA, a pretty large accomplishment for a small school)
-I am running for Science Club office this year (it's honestly a superficial position for a club that has little activities beyond two trips/year and one-two service projects)
-Beta Club "council" (unfortunately yet another "superficial" title)
-National Honor Society member (no local club)
-A moderate amount of community service from FBLA projects
-Yearbook "Editor Manager" (2010-2011)</p>

<p>What would you say my chances are? Any suggestions would be wonderful.</p>

<p>Sounds like you’ve figured out that Honors focuses heavily on stats. Your CR+M (1270) is a little more than 200 points below the Honors average (1471) so you really need to work on raising that score. I think a 32 on the ACT, alongside a 3.90 UW GPA, would make you competitive for Honors – but if you can get a 33 (or higher!), you’d be in a much better position.</p>



<p>UGA adds 0 bonus points for Pre-AP and Honors courses and .5 bonus for AP courses. If you’re in-state, then you might want to double-check your GPA on GACollege411 (the state of GA uses the same weighting formula as UGA). Per the Honors site, the average weighted GPA is 4.06. A 3.90 UW is definitely competitive for Honors.</p>

<p>Not familiar with the current Honors application so can’t give you any tips on that, but best of luck in the application process.</p>

<p>Another thought: Honors also has a collegiate entry process. In the event you’re not accepted your first year, you can apply mid-way through freshman year as long as you have a 3.85 GPA and have taken at least 14 hours. Your HS GPA is high – if you can keep that up first semester, then you’d definitely have a shot for collegiate entry. Hope this helps.</p>

<p>I appreciate your feedback. The ACT is my main focus right now.<br>
Assuming I end up with stats that fall in the bottom portion of the program’s range, do you think a stellar essay, stellar letter of recommendation, and possible(?) leniency toward a small-town HS student will get me accepted?</p>

<p>I know the program especially places emphasis on rigor. However, my school offers only three AP classes, one of which I cannot take until 2nd semester of my Senior year. To supplement, I will be taking a few classes through dual enrollment, which I hear yields little favor.</p>

<p>My understanding is that the primary (and maybe exclusive) factors are your GPA and your scores on the SAT or ACT. Study hard for the ACT, and take a good prep course for it. I think that will be your best avenue. Good luck!</p>

<p>It is my understanding that the average SAT score for admission into Honors for the 2011- 2012 freshman class was a 1571 (math and critical reading only). Does anyone know what was the average ACT?</p>

<p>Also, does anyone know what was the minimum cut-off score on the SAT and ACT for the 2011-2012 incoming class?</p>

<p>your gpa is fine. raise your act to at least 30. apply EA. I got in with similar stat like yours and I didn’t even apply honors. don’t worry as long as you bring your act up. you will most likely get auto admit</p>